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We're Fasten-ating! The Ultimate Star Drive Wood Screws, DeckLok - The Advanced Lateral Anchor, The Ultimate Hidden Deck Fastener & More!

Screw Products, Inc Carries the Ultimate Star Drive Wood Screws! In compliment to our Star Drive line see DeckLok The Advanced Lateral Anchor, The Ultimate Hidden Deck Fastener System & more! Click to find more information on our product lines below or click on Product Lines link above.

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gold star zinc coated star drive wood screws silver star stainless steel star drive wood screws bronze star acq compatible star drive wood screws star drive construction lag screws
The Ultimate Interior General Purpose Fastener! Triple yellow zinc coating for hard or soft woods. Available in 1” to 14”. The Ultimate Corrosion Resistant Screw! 305 stainless steel for chemically treated materials, high moisture, or other caustic conditions. Available in 1-1/4” to 4”. The Ultimate Exterior Coated Screw! Triple Coated Bronze great for use with chemically treated lumber. 1200 hour ACQ & salt-spay approved! Available in 3/4” to 6”. The Ultimate Lag Screw! Exterior coated heavy duty construction lag screws with built-on round washer head. Available in 1” to 16”.
reamer tek wood to steel star drive wood screws cdeck star star drive decking screws star drive cabinetry and finish screws cement and masonry screws
The Ultimate Wood to Steel Screw! White Zinc Coated specifically fastening wood to steel or aluminum. Available in 1-5/8” to 3-1/4”. The Ultimate Composite Deck Screw! 2-3/4” Exterior E-coat color matched to 16 common decking boards! 1-3/4” for fascia, fencing and railing! TREX® Approved! The Ultimate Woodworking Screws! Interior & Exterior fasteners for hard of soft wood. Finish, Pocket and Cabinet screws. Available in 1-1/4” to 3”. See our Star Drive Cement Board and Tapcon Masonry (Phillips Drive) screws.
the deck clip hidden deck fastener the deck clip hidden deck fastener deck2wall spacers raillok connects rails to sections of deck
The Ultimate in Deck Safety! DeckLok - The Advanced Lateral Anchor. For railing posts, stair stingers and ledgers! Only system patented and proven to meet code! The Ultimate Hidden Deck Fastener- Requires no pre-drilling, glue or under deck work! Holds tight & is completely out of sight! See our popular Deck2Wall Spacers. Don't let your deck rot your house! The RailLok brackets provide a strong, reliable railing to post connection. The brackets are built to outlast the service life of the railing.
star drive wood screw assortment kits timberhex timber and landscape screws m2m metal to metal screws drywall screws
The Ultimate In Convenience! Economical and compact, these assortment kits are the perfect accessory for your home, garage or workshop. Superior Alternative to Spikes - 5/16” Hex Drive screws for log homes, landscaping timber connections, and other exterior applications. The Ultimate Metal to Metal Screw! NEW!! Our M2M Metal to Metal screw is the perfect option for getting through that heavy gauge steel! Our drywall screws have a bugle head to prevent tearing, a phosphate coating to help resist corrosion and a Phillips drive recess.
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Welcome to Screw Products, Inc. We specialize in Star Drive wood screws that are self tapping in 305 stainless steel & heat treated hardened steel for interior, exterior and caustic applications. Our deep recess star drive provides twice the torque of phillips or square drive and reduces camout and end load. Our Star Drive fasteners will greatly reduce twist off and fastener damage and provide a longer bit life. Fasteners sizes range from 1” to 16” lengths.

Silver Star 305 Stainless Steel offers the ultimate in corrosion resistance. For use with all chemically treated materials, plywood applications and all wood applications which are exposed to weather, high moisture, and other caustic conditions.  Manufactured from the finest stainless steel alloys. Trim head screws and standard head self tapping Stainless Steel available.

Bronze Star Exterior corrosion-resistant fasteners for professional operations using hard or soft woods, chipboard and other tough or treated materials. Triple coating has shown over 1200 hours of corrosion resistance in ACQ and salt spray conditions. Compatible with pressure treated lumber & can be used with tannic wood such as Cedar and Redwood. The bronze star coating is found on our, self tapping Trim Head Fasteners, Standard, & Heavy Duty Fasteners. Also available in Finish screws, Kitchen Cabinet screws, Modified Truss head fasteners and Construction Lags.

Gold Star Interior multipurpose the perfect general purpose fastener. For Professional uses in demanding industries using hard or soft woods, chipboard and other tough materials. Coated with a triple yellow zinc interior coating for a gold finish. Removable and Reusable! Standard screws, Heavy Duty fasteners, Cabinet screws, Pocket screws and Extra Long self tapping screws.

Check out our decking products like DeckLok - The Advanced Lateral Anchor, the The Ultimate Hidden Decking Fastener, C-Deck the ultimate decking screw, great for work in all composite and wood applications. Our C-Deck Fascia screws are the perfect decking trim screw!

Other Great Products like Deck to Wall spaces, assortment kits, bit holders and drive bits for the star drive wood screws are available. We carry T10 up to T40 Torx bits. Our star drive bits are milled out of the same heat treated harden steel as our screws for increased bit life!

See our Cement Board for Hardy Backer applications and Tapcon Masonry (Phillips Drive) screws, the perfect concrete anchor. The Tapcon have a climaseal long life coating.

Screw Products, Inc. fasteners are for a wide variety of purposes to include; Decking, Log Home, Remodeling, Kitchen Cabinet Screws, Dock Fasteners, Roofing, Boardwalks, Barns, Deck Screws, Fencing, Fascia, Composite Decking, Bulk Heads, Rail Posts, Landscape Timbers, Gutters, Cement Board, Temporary Placement Screws, Gutter, Cement Board, Masonry, Self Tapping Screws and Any Wood Joinery needs. Extensive inventory in; high quality Decking Screws, Lag Screws, Heavy Duty Construction Screws, Gutter Screws, Cement Board Screws, Masonry Screws, Pocket Screws, Cabinet Screws, Modified Truss Head Screws, Construction Lags, Stainless Steel, Standard/ Trim Head Fasteners, ACQ and Treated Lumber Compatible and Finish Screws.

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