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Press: Construction Lag Screws Provide Strength and Reinforcement for Structural Integrity

Screw Products Inc. 1" – 16" Construction Lag Screws are designed for safety and compatibility.

GIG HARBOR, Wash. – When it looking at the larger picture of building safety, it’s the little things are often overlooked.

Although not necessarily little, Bronze Star Exterior Construction Star Drive Lag Screws, manufactured by Screw Products Inc., certainly provide the extra strength needed for a variety of applications. Like most construction lag screws, Screw Products’ fasteners not only secure materials together, but also provide structural integrity by alleviating weight from the structure in which it is installed.

However, there is an inherent difference between common lag screws and those produced by Screw Products – the quality of materials used. Screw Product’s Bronze Star Exterior Construction Lag Screws, available in sizes ranging from 1" – 16", feature a SKTII triple-coating, which has shown over 1200 hours of corrosion resistance in ACQ and salt spray testing.

These lag screws are designed with a built-on, round washer head for a neat, finished appearance, as well as deep, wide and sharp threads with spiral notches for maximum holding power and reduced driving torque. Compatible with pressure treated lumber and can be used with tannic wood such as Cedar and Redwood, Screw Product’s lag screws are an ideal choice when securing ledger boards, heavy timber, insulation panels, pole-to-post and other masonry applications.

Construction lag screws are particularly important components in deck safety. NADRA® recommends that deck owners check several different areas of the deck to be sure its integrity is still sound. This includes the ledger board, where the deck attaches to the building; support posts and joists under the deck; deck boards; railings, and stairs.

“The critical attachments of a deck are the ledger, rail post and stair attachment,” says Miller, noting that construction lag screws can be used to reinforce ledger boards. “Lateral movement is a big deal. Decks fall because they pull away from the house, not because they collapse straight down. That’s why fasteners are so important in constructing and maintaining a safe deck; decks are built to withstand weight, but left-to-right and front-to-back movement must be minimized.

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