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Press: Docks Stay Afloat with Stainless Steel Screws and Fastener Systems

GIG HARBOR, Wash.– With its flagship location located by the sea in Washington State, Screw Products, Inc. has developed a particular niche in coastal building practices, and that includes on-the-water docks.

A number of products offered worldwide by Screw Products, Inc. feature stainless steel and corrosion-tested materials, adding to the longevity of the build as well as the overall safety of structures on both fresh and salt water.

The company’s president and founder, Jim Miller, explained that the largest offering in this niche are its Stainless Steel Star Drive screws, which range in length from 1-5/8” to 4” for use in a variety of projects.

“Builders who work on the coast should be using nothing but 305 or 316 stainless steel,” said Miller. “Neither will corrode and 305’s are about 30% less expensive.”

305 stainless steel screws can be used with chemically treated materials, plywood, PVC and wood applications that are exposed to weather, high moisture, and other caustic conditions, providing extra corrosion resistance, Miller said. “Having the highest nickel content of the 18-8 stainless steels eliminates discoloration and staining around screw heads, and they’re also unaffected by tannic acid and other extractives found in cedar and redwood,” he added.

Extending that line of stainless steel screws are Screw Products Inc. Exterior Construction Star Drive Lag Screws, which are available in 1” to 16” lengths and have a triple-coating that has shown more than 1,200 hours of corrosion resistance in ACQ and salt spray testing, and C-Deck color-match screws for use with composite, PVC and wood decking products. C-Deck screws are painted to match the decking colors of more than a dozen major manufacturers and also feature an E-Coat finish that has also shown more than 1,000 hours of corrosion resistance when subjected to salt spray testing.

Beyond traditional fasteners, Screw Products Inc. carries the 316 Stainless Steel DeckLok Bracket System, a lateral anchor particularly suited for salt-water docks that creates stronger connections and meets and exceeds IRC 2006 requirements, and The Ultimate Deck Clip™, a hidden deck clip made with marine grade aluminum, for use with hardwood, soft wood, composite and synthetic decking.

About Screw Products, Inc.

Screw Products, Inc. has been providing quality fasteners backed by customer service since 1999. Its extensive product line offers benefits such as a type 17 auger point, longer bit life, reduced splitting and they counter sink themselves. Orders ship out the same day they are received; for more information, visit or call (877) 844-8880. Screw Products Inc. products are available online and at retailers across the country.

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