I have been remodeling kitchens and bathrooms for years and have always struggled to find good quality cabinet screws in stock at local hardware stores. A few years ago I came across Screw Products, Inc. on the internet and decided to give their CTX Gold Star Drive Cabinet Screws a try. By the time I used the first screw installing a kitchen cabinet I knew I had found the best screws for our companies needs. I now order several sizes of the CTX cabinet screws by the 5Lb container. A few months ago I asked my online dealer, ScrewSolutions, about framing screws that use the star drive and they immediately sent me some free samples. I was so happy to learn they are superior to standard philips drive framing and general purpose screws that now I only buy Screw Products, Inc star drive screws for all of our projects. They save us time, bits and frustration… well worth their cost! Kevin Yarbough, RaMcom LLC