What Others Are Saying About Us

"Your screws really screwed up my new fence… it went through 2 tornadoes this summer and is standing strong" Entertainer Hobo Jim (Alaska & Tennessee)

I have begun using your screws in my products and my customers really love them. I use them as my standard line fastener since they are the least expensive of the three fasteners I use (yours, solid cut thread brass and silicon bronze) but several customers have said they like the looks of them as much or more than the others. They are also great in the shop. Easy to drive. Almost never cause splitting and I have only ever broken one when I inadvertently drove it into a not in a piece of birch.
Randy Archer, Lilburn, Ga. 

Thank you, I enjoy doing business with you people and recommend your products to all those I work with.
Ted C

As a remodel contractor, wood-worker, and handyman I have used many of Screw Products 'Ultimate Wood Screws.' My first experience was with their 'Gold Star' torque-drive screws 8 years ago. I bought some to do some tricky remodel framing and was impressed from the get-go. I just couldn't break one of these screws. They self-start right through knots in old doug fir and won't 'cam out' like philip's head screws. It's amazing how little effort it takes to drive these screws. No pushing necessary. Hanging off the top of a ladder at full reach I really appreciate this. My 18 volt cordless impact driver doesn't even start rattling until the 3 1/2" screw is almost completely sunk. The self-counter-sinking knurls really do work on these screws. I've even used them in melamine and they countersink so cleanly it looks like a drilled hole--not a chip. They even countersink into the densest tile backer board. The price is right, too. I haven't bought anyone else's torque-drive screws since I found these. I don't use Philip's-head screws for anything but drywall anymore. Square-drive screws are a step up from Philip's, but for pretty much the same price, these Screw Product Star Drive screws are the only way to go. These are the only screws that--when you use them to screw a temporary cross-brace onto a wall, and then you back them out again when the brace is no longer needed--you put them back into your tool-bags and use them again (and again) later. I've used the Gold Star, Bronze Star, AZQ-compatible, heavy duty construction, Lag and Stainless screws and have never been let down. If you've ever built a cedar fence using square-drive stainless screws, or tried to tie down hidden decking fasteners with little square-drive coated screws, you've probably had the same frustrating experience I had with stripped heads, worn-out and slipping drive bit inserts and broken screws. With the Screw Products star drive screws, this just isn't the case. I framed a 400 sq/ft. deck and used the same T25 bit --in wet pressure treated with AZQ compatible screws-- all day without any slippage. I love their modified truss head screws for 'sucking' warped lumber together, and the big heavy duty construction screws can be a super time-saver compared to low-grade common steel lag bolts. --They come AZQ compatible, too--just the thing for mounting heavy-duty gate hardware on pressure treated posts. The big box home centers are finally carrying some torque-drive screws, but the quality, price and ease of use does not compare to the Screw Products line. Don't waste your time. Order some of these and always have them in your truck. To Screw Products: Thank you. You guys have saved me A LOT of time and money. And driver bits, drill bits, countersinks...-
Rob J.

The screws lived up to your advertised claims in spades! I am very pleased with their quality. Other stainless screws were constantly torquing out. I wasted considerable money on mutilated screw heads. Not one of your screws failed to drive true 1st time - no waste! -
James P.

Professional carpenter for 22 years.  Other screws do not compare.  Far from home on a job,, I let my box of Bronze Stars run dry.  I had to go to [major large hardware store].  [major large hardware store] Star drive screws are less expensive but [major large hardware store] screws frustrate me horribly.  The thread length on [major large hardware store] screws goes too close to the head of the screw which makes the [major large hardware store] screws have no pulling power when trying to fasten 2x lumber.  You have to sink the head of the [major large hardware store] screw 1/2"+ before it will begin to pull the 1-1/2" thick pine to the joist.  The [major large hardware store] screws put much more drag on a drill driver and carpenter.  Screws from Screw Products are noticeably superior to [major large hardware store] screws.  Screw Product's start easier, pull much, much better, create much less drag on drill and carpenter, and they come out much, much cleaner and easier when you need to back up and adjust.  When you are happy to back up and adjust, your End Product will be much better.  Don't let your box of Screw-Products' Star Drive Screws run low.  Always keep a spare box in reserve.  You can never have enough.  These screws may be a bit more expensive but they will really save you time and frustration and your End Product will be better.  I really appreciate the high quality of Screw-Products.  Their Customer service is Fantastic.  Their product knowledge is perfect, they are always kind and helpful, and they always ship to me the same day I order.  Don't hesitate. Enjoy your work!

I got one of your company caps at the remodeling show in Chicago. It's probably the coolest hat I've ever owned; the camo-cap with your logo. How do I get more? You should offer them on your website!!
Dan Schiltz / Plano, IL

I have been remodeling kitchens and bathrooms for years and have always struggled to find good quality cabinet screws in stock at local hardware stores. A few years ago I came across Screw Products, Inc. on the internet and decided to give their CTX Gold Star Drive Cabinet Screws a try. By the time I used the first screw installing a kitchen cabinet I knew I had found the best screws for our companies needs. I now order several sizes of the CTX cabinet screws by the 5Lb container. A few months ago I asked my online dealer, ScrewSolutions, about framing screws that use the star drive and they immediately sent me some free samples. I was so happy to learn they are superior to standard philips drive framing and general purpose screws that now I only buy Screw Products, Inc star drive screws for all of our projects. They save us time, bits and frustration… well worth their cost!
Kevin Yarbough, RamComm, LLC

I was very impressed with your Star Drive deck screws.  In the past, I have used various square drive screws with poor results.  The screws would still slip and round their heads, which is unacceptable on a finished composite deck.  The Star Drive screws never slipped and I didn't have to drill pilot holes.  Overall, I was very impressed with your product and the speed of shipping. -
Brad A.

Great service- Great products.
George R.

It was a real pleasure talking with you about your products and the technical information you had readily available. Not all our vendors can help us as quickly as you did and that merits recognition.
Screw Products, Inc. Client

I have been installing kitchen cabinets for the last few years and had started out using the square drive screws that came with one of the brands of cabinets I install. I had ran down and almost out and was not going to pay the prices that they wanted. So I hit the internet. No luck with what I was looking for in the square drive. Then I found SCREW PRODUCTS, INC.'s web site and order a couple to just try them out. Well I have been hooked ever since. I use every size screw from #8 - 1" to #10 - 4" for everything. I even went through an 18v Ryobi drill that couldn't keep up and had to replace it. I could not be more impressed by a product. I have homeowners looking at the installations and see these screws and they are also impressed by the speed I am able to put these kitchens together and the strength of these screws. Thanks again, A devoted customer.
Screw Products, Inc. Customer

I have been using the Star Drive screw for over 20 years for my business and personal projects.  Once I started using the Star Drive screw, I immediately threw out my Square and Phillip’s Drive screws. Screw Products, Inc offers a much needed variety of different size screws and Star Drives for different applications.  I find myself using more of their Star Drive screws than nails in my building projects.  I also use their assortment of cabinet screws for finish carpentry. Working with these screws makes for a more efficient, quicker job because you never have to pre-drill before inserting the Star Drive screw. I use the larger lag screws from Screw Products Inc. when building log homes, instead of the conventional lag bolts.  I also use the star drive exterior lag screws for deck applications, instead of nails.  I will never go back to any other screw; Screw Products Inc. offers the best screws available.
David Rommel - David Rommel, Constructions, LLC

I originally ordered the starter set of outdoor screws and began using them to secure mounting blocks for crown moulding. Now I actually use the screws themselves to install the crown moulding right into the top plate of the wall. You don't realize how well these stars screws really work until you run out of them and have to use a phillips or square drive. I'll keep using them!!!! -
Daniel P.

My employees tell me that driving them is much easier on their arms and shoulders with virtually no pushing needed to keep the bit in the head of the screw. They also say that the screws back out as easy as they go in, which allows us to reuse them. They have yet to have a head twist off, strip out, or a screw break. Most contractors would agree, that not a day goes by without one of those things happening. I see this as a cost savings to McFarland Cascade. We will highly recommend your Star Drive Wood Screws to all the contractors and do-it-yourselfers. I only wish you would have come out with these years ago.
Pamm Silver - Product Promotions Coordinator, McFarland Cascade - The Outdoor Projects People

I tested them in 2 inch solid hardened mahogany (used in rail car decks). All other screws broke as soon as the screw head met the deck or they snapped off as soon as I tried to remove them. The gold star screws however, not only didn't break but they counter sunk themselves one inch below the surface and I was still able to remove them without one single breakage. At first I thought I couldn't afford the best, but in reality I can't afford to use anything but the best!

...And a Merry Christmas to all of you too! You guys are one of my favorite businesses and I wish you a very Prosperous New Year. You deserve it! , A great product and dedicated customer service. A couple hundred MBAs could learn a lot from each of you!
Screw Products, Inc. Customer

Those screws are awesome. I have searched everywhere for a screw that works well on tongue and groove knotty pine and all of them have issues. These screws are just awesome. They work great! Thanks!
Screw Products, Inc. Customer

I like many others have suffered through different types of fasteners, from modified phillips to square drive looking for one that worked as advertised. Since I discovered Screw Products, I have found a fastener that works every time. From cabinets to decks your products are always my first choice. Thank you.
Screw Products, Inc. Customer

I have been building decks and other outdoor products.  The deck screws I was using previously were mostly Phillips head screws and hard to drive in correctly.  Too many pilot holes to drill which really slowed a project. I recently had a rather large outdoor garden to build using pressure treated lumber.  I visited my Do It Best hardware store and found the screw I thought would do the job.  The screw was the HDB104.  The screw with the T-25 head was a real pleasure to use.  The screw DID NOT slip while driving it home.  Pilot holes were not needed.  The screw pulled tight every time.
This is the screw I will be using for other projects that come up this year!
Chris F

My overhead model train display is supported on the wall with horizontal stand-off made out of plain 2X4 stock tapered on a table saw. The standoffs were then bored with a shipwright’s auger. The outer ends of the brackets were additionally over-bored to provide a shoulder for the screws to pull against and to accept a finishing wood dowel plug. The standoff brackets are bolted solid to the existing wall studs and are very secure thanks to your quality screw products.
Screw Products, Inc. Client