316 Stainless Steel Structural Lags Now Available!

316 stainless steel lag screw

Screw Products, Inc. is now selling 316 Stainless Steel NOVA™ Structural Lag Screws. The new NOVA™ Structural Lag is the superior lag screw for any of your projects. With a strong thread that ensures maximum withdrawal strength and a Fast Start Tip that easily grips and cuts its way through the wood, you will feel the power and quality of the NOVA. The Twin Blades ensures minimum friction on the shank and the cutting ribs under the head countersink perfectly with maximum wood contact.

Available in:

  • #16 x 2-1/2"
  • #16 x 3"
  • #16 x 4"
  • 50ct and 50ct with individual UPC screws
  • Packaged product includes T-30 Star Drive bit

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