GEN II: ROCO™ Wood to Metal (Steel) Reamer Screws

roco wood to steel screws
roco wood to steel screws

About the ROCO™ Wood to Metal (Steel) Screws

roco wood to steel screws

ROCO™ Wood to Metal (Steel) Screws are specifically designed for increased holding power and an incredibly clean finish. When engaging the wood, the screw effortlessly drills through the wood while the wings mill an oversize hole. When the screw engages the steel base, the oversize hole prevents the threads from engaging the wood, lifting wood and steel apart (jacking). The specially engineered drill point cuts fast through the steel base and once penetrated, the wings easily break off. The threads then tap through the steel and firmly clamp the wood and steel together.

Common Applications

  • Wood-to-Metal (Steel)
  • Trailer Decking
  • Roof Decking
  • Subfloor Decking
  • Steel Deck Framing
  • Truck & Trailer Beds
  • Commercial & Residential - And so much more!

Available In:

    • ZYTEC™ GX for Typical Exterior

ROCO Star Drive Wood to Steel Screws

ROCO™ Wood to Metal (Steel) Screws
#10 x 1-1/2" to #14 x 3-3/4"

Drive Bit Included!

1lb 5lb bulk t20 t30
Size Bit 1lb Qty 5lb Qty Bulk Qty
#10 (#3) x 1-1/2" T20 130 648 4000
#12 (#3) x 2" T20 74 371 2000
#12 (#3) x 2-1/2" T20 57 285 1500
#14 (#4) x 2-3/4" T30 38 188 1000
#14 (#4) x 3-3/4" T30 28 141 1000