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Star Drive Bits & Accessories

T Series Star Drive Bits -  1" to 6"

star drive bitsOur Star Drive screws work with standard T series star drive bits. For the Ultimate Wood Screw you need to Ultimate Star Drive Bits! Our bits are milled with a heat treated hardened steel! The perfect bit to head contact allows over head installation with ease. Star Drive offers twice the torque of Phillips or square. 1"-6" lengths.

Star Drive Bits All 1lb and 5lb Jars include a Free 1" drive bit, Bulk Buckets include a Free 2" drive bit!

Drive 1” 2” 2-3/4” 3-1/2” 6”

Holds-A-Bit Bit Holder

Introducing the HOLDSaBIT! Simply the easiest and best way to hold multiple insert drill bit driver tips on your cordless drill or impact. It goes on and off in seconds and holds up to 16 - 1” bit drivers, as well as 1000’s of combinations of bits. The HOLDSaBIT slips on a cordless drill or impact in seconds, providing channels that hold all the tips you need for your projects. Made of a proprietary blend which provides strength & holding power at the same time. UV rated for outdoor use. Fits all full sized cordless drill and drivers.

Available With or Without Bits

holdsabit screw bit holder

Here are a few things you can place in your HOLDSaBIT:

  • Bits - Star, Torx, Square, Phillips, Straight - From 1” to 4”
  • Hex shank drill bits
  • Nut drivers
  • Pencils/Pens
  • Magnetic tip holders, and many, more tools

Included Bits in HAB8:

  • (1) 2” T10
  • (1) 2” T15
  • (2) 2” T20
  • (2) 2” T25
  • (1) 2” T30
  • (1) 2” T40