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C-Deck Star Drive Composite Deck Screws

The Ultimate Composite Deck Screws!
Available in ACQ Compatible Coated & Stainless Steel

6 New Composite Deck Screw Colors Available - 23 in Total! 

star drive composite deck screwsOur C-Deck Composite Deck Screws are built for interior and exterior use with wood, composite and other plastic materials. These screws are specially designed to eliminate the mushrooming and blemishes that can occur on composite materials. They are also an excellent choice for wood decks, where the top threads work to pull down and hold warped lumber and lock the boards together. A multipurpose fastener which meets the challenge regardless of the material used.

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pressure treated compatible

  • Redesigned to handle even the toughest new composite boards produced today!
  • Starts Easily And Drives With Less Torque
  • Excellent For All Decking Applications - Leaves A Smooth, Flush, Countersunk Finish
  • Coated & Stainless Steel Versions Available
  • TREX® Approved!
  • Free Bit Included In All Packaging!

CD234 & SSCD234 - Star Drive Composite Deck Screws 2-3/4"

star drive composite deck screws

Free Bit Included!


star drive composite deck screws
Our C-Deck Composite Deck Screws perform excellently in all composites! Eliminates composite mushrooming, saving you countless hours on the job site. Leaves your project looking clean and professional! Starts easily and drives with less torque. Custom colors are available by request!

composite deck screw colors

See each chart below for available colors.

Item #SizeBit75ct350ctBulk Qty
CD234VL Vintage Lantern#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234TH Tree House#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234GP Gravel Path#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234FP Fire Pit#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234DB Desert Bronze#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234RB Rustic Bark#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234RR River Rock#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234TTC Cedar#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234TTG Gray#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234MC Mountain Cedar#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234SR Sand Ridge#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234TK Teak#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234ROW Rosewood#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234RW Redwood#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234WN Walnut#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234WH White#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234FT Flint#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234M Madeira#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234PG Pebble Grey#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234RS Rope Swing#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234S Saddle#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234WB Woodland Brown#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
CD234WG Winchester Grey#10 x 2-3/4"T20753501750
Item #SizeBit75ct350ctBulk Qty
SSCD234 Plain#10 x 2-3/4”T20753501750
SSCD234TTC Cedar#10 x 2-3/4”T20753501750
SSCD234DB Desert Bronze#10 x 2-3/4”T20753501750
SSCD234FP Fire Pit#10 x 2-3/4”T20753501750
SSCD234FT Flint#10 x 2-3/4”T20753501750
SSCD234GP Gravel path#10 x 2-3/4”T20753501750
SSCD234SR Sand Ridge#10 x 2-3/4”T20753501750
SSCD234TK Teak#10 x 2-3/4”T20753501750
SSCD234TH Tree House#10 x 2-3/4”T20753501750
SSCD234VL Vintage Lantern#10 x 2-3/4”T20753501,750
SSCD234WN Walnut#10 x 2-3/4”T20753501,750
SSCD234M Madeira#10 x 2-3/4”T20753501,750
SSCD234RS Rope Swing#10 x 2-3/4”T20753501,750
SSCD234S Saddle#10 x 2-3/4”T20753501,750
SSCD234WB Woodland Brown#10 x 2-3/4”T20753501,750
SSCD234WG Winchester Gray#10 x 2-3/4”T20753501,750

CD134 - C-Deck 1-3/4" Star Drive Fence, Railing & Fascia Screws

star drive fence railing fascia screws

Free Bit Included!


star drive fence railing fascia screws
Now also available in White Head version! (Red Head, Tan Screw shown) C-Deck Color Coated Durable color coating provides corrosion resistance and gives a professional appearance. Choice of Brown, Tan, Red, White & Gray ACQ Compatible Coating, oversized threads, notched extra sharp point, coarse threads.

Item #SizeBit1Lb Qty5lb QtyBulk Qty
CD134B (Brown)#9 x 1-3/4"T201457233500
CD134T (Tan)#9 x 1-3/4"T201457233500
CD134G (Gray)#9 x 1-3/4"T201457233500
CD134R (Red)#9 x 1-3/4"T201457233500
CD134WH (White)#9 x 1-3/4"T201457233500