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decking products: c-deck composite deck screws

C-Deck Composite Deck Screws

Our C-Deck Composite Deck Screws are for interior and exterior use with wood, composite and other plastic materials. These screws are specially designed to eliminate the mushrooming and blemishes that can occur on composite materials.

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decking products: decklok advanced lateral anchor deck bracket

DeckLok Deck Bracket System

The DeckLok Advanced Lateral Anchor System (Deck Bracket) creates stronger deck connections by redirecting the force of the load from pullout to a connection in shear at the deck floor joist. DeckLok secures railing posts, ledger boards, and stair stringers.

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decking products: raillok rail section deck bracket

RailLok Rail Section Connection

RailLok is used to connect railing sections to the rail post. Attach brackets to rail post using screws and slip pre-assembled railing sections into the brackets and fasten in place. Provides a strong, reliable railing to post connection. Built to outlast the service life of the railing.

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decking products: deck2wall deck spacers

D2W Deck2Wall Spacers

Deck2Wall Spacers™ are designed to easily and efficiently provide airspace between buildings and deck ledgers, stair stringers, shade structures, railing posts, fence posts, etc.

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