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5/16″ Hex Head Timber Hex Log, Landscape & Lumber Screws #14 & #17

Superior Alternative to Spikes

Hexh Head timber hex log and landscape screwsTimber Hex Timber and Landscape hex drive Screws are a 5/16” head! They’ll install faster and have much greater holding power over traditional timber and landscaping spikes. Great for landscaping timbers connections, log homes, and other exterior applications.

icc esr 3654

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  • Ceramic Coating on a high quality heat treated hardened steel
  • Deep, wide, sharp threads cut cleanly & easily providing maximum holding power
  • Available in Black and Gray

Timber Hex Black #14 x 4" - 14"

timber hex black

Free Bit Included!

each 50ct 250ct 516

TH4#14 x 4” Black5/16" HexEa50250
TH6#14 x 6” Black5/16" HexEa50250
TH8#14 x 8” Black5/16" HexEa50250
TH10#14 x 10” Black5/16" HexEa50250
TH12#14 x 12” Black5/16" HexEa50250
TH14#14 x 14” Black5/16" HexEa50250

Timber Hex Gray #17 x 4" - 11"

timber hex

Free Bit Included!

each 50ct 250ct 516

THG4#17 x 4” Gray5/16" HexEa50250
THG5#17 x 5” Gray5/16" HexEa50250
THG6#17 x 6” Gray5/16" HexEa50250
THG7#17 x 7” Gray5/16" HexEa50250
THG9#17 x 9” Gray5/16" HexEa50250
THG11#17 x 11” Gray5/16" HexEa50250