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GEN II Fastener Line

axis structural wood screws
AXIS™ Structural Wood Screws
3/4" to 8"
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The AXIS™ Screw is designed to take wood screws to an entirely new level. Every facet has been evaluated and improved! For General Interior and General Exterior use. Stainless Steel and 316 Stainless Steel available.

epic trim head wood screws
EPIC™ Trim Head Screws
1-5/8" x 5"
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The EPIC™ Trim Head Screw is an advanced fastener with features designed specifically to work faster and increase productivity! For General Exterior use. Stainless Steel and 316 Stainless Steel available.

pico finish head wood screws
PICO™ Finish Head Screws
1-5/8" to 3"
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The PICO™ Finish Screw is designed to drive fast, stay out of sight and works well with most hidden major fastening tools on the market. For General Exterior use. Stainless Steel and 316 Stainless Steel available.

aura cabinetry screws
AURA™ for Cabinetry & More!
1" to 3"
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The AURA™ Screw is available in a #10 for greater holding capacity and a #8 version designed to fit with most wood joinery tools. For General Exterior & Interior use. Stainless Steel is available.

nova structural lag screws
NOVA™ Structural Lag Screws
1" to 16"
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The NOVA™ Structural Lag is the superior lag screw for any heavy duty needs. It is engineered for maximum strength and optimal performance! For General Exterior use.

yukon hex head structural lag screws
YUKON™ Hex Structural Lags
4" to 14"
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The YUKON™ 5/16” Hex Head Structural Lag Screw a heavy duty fastener made for maximum strength and fast, easy, and secure installation. For General Exterior use.

roco wood to steel screw
ROCO™ Wood to Steel Screws
1-1/2" to 3-3/4"
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The ROCO™ Wood to Steel Drill Point screw is specifically designed for increased holding power and an incredibly clean finish. For General Exterior use.


The Ultimate Composite Deck Screw! 2-3/4” Exterior E-coat color matched to 23 common decking boards! 1-3/4” for fascia, fencing and railing! TREX® Approved! Click to download our Color Match Chart.
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See our Star Drive Cement Board and Tapcon Masonry (Phillips Drive) screws.
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Our drywall screws have a bugle head to prevent tearing, a phosphate coating to help resist corrosion and a Phillips drive recess.
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Decking Hardware


The Ultimate in Deck Safety! DeckLok - The Advanced Lateral Anchor. For railing posts, stair stringers and ledgers! Patented and proven to meet code!
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The RailLok brackets provide a strong, reliable railing to post connection. The brackets are built to outlast the service life of the railing.
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See our popular Deck2Wall Spacers. Don't let your deck rot your house!
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