Press: Screw Products, Inc. Line-up Includes DeckLok and RailLok Fasteners

GIG HARBOR, Wash. – Jim Miller, president of Screw Products, Inc., says the topic of deck safety is one best illustrated with a story of summer fun.

“It’s what decks are for; outdoor gatherings, parties, and a chance for family and friends to have fun and be social outdoors,” he says. “There’s a lot of movement and fasteners, stairs, and railings can take a beating.”

Decks that are built to code and undergo regular maintenance are designed to take those beatings, but those that have fallen behind are susceptible to splits, separation from the building, and possible collapse. With this in mind, Screw Products, Inc. offers two proprietary products developed specifically to keep decks sturdy, safe, and up-to-code.

“The critical attachments of a deck are the ledger, rail post and stair attachment,” says Miller, noting that DeckLok, back on the market after a four-year absence, plays a key role in bringing decks up to many regional code thresholds across the U.S. and Canada, guarding against instantaneous breaks by absorbing the brunt of the force. The system creates stronger deck connections by redirecting the force of the load from "pullout" to a connection in "shear" at the deck floor joist. By adding DeckLok Deck Brackets to current construction methods, decks will meet or exceed IRC 2006 requirements.

“Lateral movement is a big deal,” Miller cautions. “Decks fall because they pull away from the house, not because they collapse straight down. That’s why fasteners are so important in constructing and maintaining a safe deck; decks are built to withstand weight, but left-to-right and front-to-back movement must be minimized.

“DeckLok limits lateral movement, especially at the rail post connection down below,” he adds. “The DeckLok bracket will allow for movement while still keeping railings connected, taking the brunt of the force that the railing has taken. Occupants are safe and railing investment saved because of the engineered trifold in the bracket.”

He adds that DeckLok brackets can also be used on stairs while its new companion product, RailLok, helps guard against deflection – the amount a railing ‘bounces’ when leaned on. RailLok is used to connect railing sections to the rail post, built to outlast the service life of the railing and is available in 316 Stainless Steel and in white or black powder coat finish. Custom colors are also available by request.

About Screw Products, Inc.

Screw Products, Inc. has been providing quality fasteners backed by customer service since 1999. Its extensive product line offers benefits such as a type 17 auger point, longer bit life, reduced splitting and they counter sink themselves. Orders ship out the same day they are received; for more information, visit or call (877) 844- 8880. Screw Products Inc. products are available online and at retailers across the country.

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