Stainless Steel Trim Head Wood Screws

Star Drive Stainless Steel trim head wood screws - The Ultimate In Corrosion Resistance!

Note: We are phasing out of the SSTH line and into our new GEN II EPIC™ Trim Head Screw line. Find out more about GEN II EPIC™.
stainless-steel-trim-head-wood-screws-2305 stainless steel trim head wood screws for use with all chemically treated materials, plywood applications and all wood applications which are exposed to weather, high moisture, and other caustic conditions. Provides extra corrosion resistance & works excellent on projects where staining is required. Silver Star 305 Star Drive stainless steel trim head wood screws are manufactured from the finest stainless steel alloys. Highest nickel content of the 18-8 stainless steels, delivers superior corrosion resistance, eliminates discoloration and staining around screw heads and is unaffected by tannic acid and other extractives found in cedar and redwood.

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pressure treated compatible

  • True Flat Head with 5 Cutting Nibs is self countersinking and prevents spin-out.
  • Type 17 Point starts quickly without "walking" and significantly reduces splitting and drive torque requirements by removing wood from the hole as the screw penetrates instead of forcing the wood apart.
  • Sharp Threads and Proper Head Angle cuts cleanly without crumbling or crushing, reducing splitting and cracking. Its ideal for end grain use.
  • Waxed & Lubricated for easier driving
  • Free Bit Included In All Packaging!


SSTH – Silver Star 305 Stainless Steel trim head wood screws 1-5/8" to 4"

Note: We are phasing out of the SSTH line and into our new GEN II EPIC™ Trim Head Screw line. Find out more about GEN II EPIC™.


Free Bit Included!

1lb 5lb bulk t20

Star Drive Stainless Steel Wood Screws

(#9 x 3" shown) Type 305 stainless steel offers maximum resistance to corrosion, deep six lobe star drive, extra sharp type 17 self tapping point, true flat trim head (.26 inch diameter), 5 cutting nibs self countersinking, deep wide sharp spiral threads, excellent for hardwood, redwood, cedar and composites. Waxed & lubricated for easier driving. Great for interior, exterior or sea coast work! #9 available. 1-5/8” to 4”. (Looking for an interior fastener? See our Gold Star line.)

Item Size Bit 1lb Qty 5lb Qty Bulk Qty
SSTH-09158 #9 x 1-5/8" T20 166 835 4000
SSTH-09214 #9 x 2-1/4" T20 110 546 2500
SSTH-09212 #9 x 2-1/2" T20 122 614 2500
SSTH-09300 #9 x 3" T20 93 465 2000
SSTH-09400 #9 x 4" T20 71 350 1500