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Star Drive Screws – The Ultimate Screws

What features make our "Star Drive" Screws so unique?Why Use Star Drive Screws from Screw Products, Inc.?

Screw Products, Inc Star Drive Screws the ultimate wood screws are milled with an extra deep recess, this provides the screws with twice the torque over Phillips or square drive screws!

The benefits include, longer bit life, reduced camout, reduced end load, and virtually eliminates stripping and fastener damage.

Products are made of heat treated hardened steel. These screws will virtually drive themselves!

  • Reduced Camout & End Load Bit life is increased. Proper drive size eliminates spinning and damage to the fastener.
  • Star Drive recess handles twice the torque over Phillips or Square Drive.
  • Ideal for end grain use. Less driving resistance means longer battery life
    and fewer charges.
  • Twist off is virtually eliminated. Screws can be removed and reused.
  • Deep, wide, sharp threads and proper thread angle lets screws cut cleanly - no
    crumbling or crushing, reducing splitting and cracking.
  • Most of our Star Drive Wood Screws countersink themselves even in hard materials.*
  • Screws start quickly without walking, even without a pilot hole in
    most materials.
  • Knurl on shank reduces drag, makes driving easier, especially in hardwoods, reduces chipping and chaffing.

* This feature on certain models